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Monochrome RPG Episode 1 is a free flash game on It is also available on for download. It was made in 2014 by Pikunuru Studios.
For more info on Pikunuru Studios, or to buy Pikunuru’s other games, visit
About Pikunuru Studios:
Pikunuru Studios is a small independent game developer that focuses on making artistic fun games for the iOS platform.

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YumYumTrap is an album by a Japanese band Bubbleman, first released on June 5, 2001. The same band has later released another album, along with a 3 disc limited edition. The band is also known by the name Dango Koi.

Track listing

The band members were:
Tomohisa Nishimura – Co-lead vocals, keyboard, percussion, programming
Masahiro Yamada – Bass
Takuo Hyakutake – Drums
Yoshiki Takao – Guitar
Noriyasu Hirata – Lead vocals, keyboard, percussion
Sumiou Mikami – Lead vocals, keyboard, percussion

Yoshiki Takao – Art direction
Noriyasu Hirata – Executive producer
Kazuhito Komitsu – Executive producer, mixing engineer
Yoshio Hashimoto – Executive producer
Katsuto Isomura – Co-executive producer
Takehiko Hirose – Producer
Yukari Kato – Art director


Category:2001 albums
Category:Bubbleman albums
Category:Albums produced by Yasutaka NakataQ:

Why does my time-based loop stop running?

I’ve created a menu that launches an activity when the user chooses an option. In each activity, I have an object called intent. It takes in a string called keypad from the previous activity. In this one I have a message that changes depending on the value of keypad. It uses a condition statement that allows it to be used in each activity.
The problem is


Features Key:

  • FEAR MIGRATION: You have been to many barren and unsafe worlds but now, you find solace in the behind-the-scenes world of Resident Evil.
  • CRASH OVER SUPERPOWER: Crashing on screeching metal beams or soaring across the sky on a careening motorcycle doesn’t make you a superstar superhero. It makes you a total badass, regardless of body mass.
  • IT’S YOUR WORTHLESS JOB: You’ve no reason to get emotionally invested in the residents of H.P. Williams.

    Helter and Primavera are two whole levels away from here and they’re the hardest levels in the game. Tough break, Cap…

  • PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS: The most socially awkward person in town knows how to play Resident Evil 6 and everyone loves it. Or hate it. Or love it and hate it.
  • CUE UP YOUR OWN BAND: Undead can play the “You had me at “Hello”” tune. Knuckles can wallop us with his axe, end of.


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Awaken the ancient powers of the Celestial Shrine! Ascend to heavenly heights with five new Divine Form variants, Argents, Premium time, and more!
Battle for control of the shrine with more than 20 fighters, including Divine Forms, Drazi, and more!
Awaken the ancient powers of the Celestial Shrine! Ascend to heavenly heights with five new Divine Form variants, Argents, Premium time, and more!
Battle for control of the shrine with more than 20 fighters, including Divine Forms, Drazi, and more!
Battle for control of the shrine with more than 20 fighters, including Divine Forms, Drazi, and more!
Battle for control of the shrine with more than 20 fighters, including Divine Forms, Drazi, and more!
Battle for control of the shrine with more than 20 fighters, including Divine Forms, Drazi, and more!
Battle for control of the shrine with more than 20 fighters, including Divine Forms, Drazi, and more!
Battle for control of the shrine with more than 20 fighters, including Divine Forms, Drazi, and more!Officially known as Army War College Pathankot, the Pathankot airbase was commissioned on 20 October 1957, with American assistance. The need for airbases became more urgent after Indian independence, when the Soviet Union established military bases on the subcontinent.

Under the auspices of the Air Force War College (AFWC), the School of Air was built in 1954 as a college for officers of the Indian Air Force (IAF) to study the changing Soviet fighter fleet and develop countermeasures against it. The name of the base was changed to AFWC Pathankot when AFWC was reorganized as a joint service academy on 1 January 1969.

During the first Gulf War, a series of military exercises were held at the base under the name of “Composite Air Force”. These exercises involved the armies of India and Pakistan, as well as the United Kingdom. In the aftermath, an agreement was signed to ensure no air force from either country would enter into the territory of the other during a crisis.


The interiors of the school are adorned with paintings by the renowned artist of the Madhuban School, Damodar Pandharinath Kaviraj, who was living in the Ajmer (Rajasthan) region in the 1960s.

Today the installation hosts the Indian National Security


Wasteland Survival Product Key

It’s one of the first time I play with an adventure game and I got hooked immediately. Game is well designed, it requires a lot of precision and attention to the details. The narrative, dialogues, characters, etc are perfectly fitted to the script and the genre and this makes the whole game very enjoyable. The puzzles are extremely well developed, sometimes for me the hardest part was identifying the answer and the solution.The puzzles are very well presented with well designed screens and pop-up texts, very useful to have a clear view on the solution and to figure out which actions to perform.The game takes the player to his limits and makes it feel like he is trapped in the elevator. I think that’s one of the stronger points of this game.Actually “Please close the doors” is very well designed with multiple paths and incomplete decisions which makes possible to play in many ways and achieve different endings. (I have already faced the “amateur ending” and it was really interesting) Nevertheless the game seems to be more complex than its length gives. In fact it is enough to think at the events as a movie with several plot twists; it’s a puzzle which requires an effort from the player in order to make everything fit together.I think that the sequence in which the game is played is right, I personally like the order because it puts the focus on the player and forces him to think rather than on hunting through the environment.The problem with the game is that it requires the player to interact with the environment in an environment which requires time and skills. Most of the actions are very well designed to be instinctive and fun but in order to complete the story it’s necessary to read and memorize all the information and follow all the hints provided by the game. My favorite example is the “amateur ending”. In order to reach the amateur ending you should find which table belongs to that guy, which object is safe to use, which lady is the nurse and which of them will be able to clear the room of smoke and light with him. The result is truly unexpected. Also, in order to be sure that you don’t face the amateur ending, you should think about other things.For example, the first puzzle is very well designed. You should be able to do it even if you are un-trained. You should know that a character is a man because of his back or because of his hands. You should know that almost always in a puzzle the solution is hidden in a simple object (in this case the handle of


What’s new:

is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on June 14th. I checked out the last mission from this mission pack, and it is one of the best missions ever made.

I previously asked all of the developers if they could give some insight in their mission, and answered a few questions on the PS4 Menus and Main Title Quest.

Here’s what they had to say:

NOTE: I took the liberty of summarizing some of the developer answers for a faster read. I hope you enjoy!

What are some of the new things we will see in the Talay Mining Complex that weren’t available in Reaver Droves?

Ayla — I think mission challenge similar to “Reaver Droves” has been discussed in the past. However, I can’t remember exactly what, I think it was Falill providing info on it. We’re trying to keep DD in the F2P genre so we avoid “pay-to-win” mechanics, and at the same time provide sufficient and rewarding content. That said, there will be new elements to systems that haven’t been experienced before in DD or previously in Tony Montana missions.

Adam — The first thing new to DD is the Talay Mining Complex introduced by this new DLC. It’s a 2.5-player co-op raid mission inspired by the slick cache of weapons and loot vault object you can find in Sephir Human’s farmhouse. Each “victory” of the mission will grant players with a key that’ll unlock a new gathering area that’ll help your Alchemy ability.

The “Weapon Collection” is a new one to DD that can only be unlocked by collecting all of the available weapon items that’ll respawn in the Talay Mining Complex.

We also have a new Viking-inspired tribe known as the Beserkers with their own captain who’ll lead them into “Bloodfever.” The Beserker captain provides unique story moments to the campaign through quests that are specific to the Beserkers.

Finally, “The Crown’s Reach” mission area introduced by this new DLC is inspired by our European developer Kula, Kofan Dech of My Aztec Empire games.

Miles — The 2.5 player mining skill mission is completely new to DD. It involves a Raid


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■The normal power of the weapon is known by estimating the result of the weapon. (Because the damage of the weapon is unknown, we estimate it)
・The object is a “持てる” object.
・持てる objects can’t become weapons.
■Special attack of the weapon is unknown.
■The effect of the weapon is unknown as well.
■If you abandon the weapon, it disappears from the game. It is possible to use any of the remaining weapons.
■The matching stars in the weapon gallery is unknown until you use the weapon.
■You can’t sell weapons you have in the weapon store.
■You can’t buy weapons in the weapon store.
■You can use the weapons.
■We don’t show how much your cost is. It is the normal cost of the weapon.
■You can use the move key (Enter) to run.
■If you quit and the level reaches zero, you will lose a life and be restarted.
■If you die in battle, you can use the item reserve to re-enter the battle.
■The status of the weapon is unknown. If you don’t find a weapon, it will become a weapon.
■Strategy: Hidden item, Royal weapon, Character attribute
■The goal of the game is to complete all weapons.
■If you complete the grand attack, you will be able to use the final weapon.
■The shortcut to buy weapons is the same as the shortcut to buy accessories.
■If you use some weapons, you can use the items you have.
■Although you can’t use the magic weapon, you can use the magic accessory.
■There are 350 kinds of objects.
■You can use any of the objects in the game.
■There are a lot of actions with the arrows that you can use.
■There are several ways to complete the stage.
■There are 14 kinds of characters that you can use in the game.
■Play the game to the end!
■Use the mobile version to play the game.
■There are 12 kinds of parts.
■There are multiple enemies.
■There are multiple characters that serve as the enemy in the game.
■Each level, you will be able to use all of the weapons and accessories.
■There are 50 places to fight and fight to complete the game!

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System Requirements:

* Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* OS Memory Minimum: 1GB of RAM
* OS Disk Space Minimum: 10GB of free space on your hard drive.
* A computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz or faster processor, 4GB RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or higher.
* A DVD-ROM/USB drive for installation
* Internet connection is required for the game to function
* You will