When everyone thinks about popular flowers for every anniversary. First of all, roses come to your mind. Whether your lover prefers his/her own choice but the rose flower is specific for love. Different shades of a red rose flower have many meanings. Different kinds of anniversary flowers convey different thoughts and emotions.  The full red roses showed your love and the beautiful contrast of mixed flowers that the spark of love is still alive between both lovers. Here is a list of popular flowers for every anniversary to serve your loved ones for every year you have spent together during your life. 

Different Flower For Every Anniversary

1st Anniversary Flower: Pansy 

According to the anniversary symbol list, the pansy is considered a 1st-anniversary flower. Pansy flower conveys a message to your spouse that you are my thoughts and also most of all loyal. 

2nd Anniversary Flower: Cosmos 

Cosmos is one of the second-anniversary flowers. it shows the joy of life, love, and beauty. 

3rd Anniversary Flower: Sunflower

The sunflower shows your third-anniversary flower. Most people say that the powerful stalk of the sunflower is the sign of a strong foundation of your anniversary. While the yellow petals of the sunflower show the love of your past three years’ relationship. 

4th Anniversary Flower: Geranium

The geranium considered the fourth-anniversary flower. The geranium flower is the sign of comfort and beauty that you all search for in things that are realized. 

5th Anniversary Flower: Daisy

Daisy is your fifth-anniversary flower. Every petal of daisy flower radiates outward. It also represents all the strong and amazing ways in which a couple still grows. Daisy’s flower is the symbol of the strong structure of relationships.  5th Anniversary Flower Daisy

6th Anniversary Flower: Calla Lily

Calla lily represents the sixth-anniversary flower. Calla lily is the sign of all the wonderful ways in which a couple grows during six years of their special life.  6th Anniversary Flower: Calla Lily

7th Anniversary Flower: Jack-in-The-Pulpit

Jack in the pulpit is the sign of the seventh-anniversary flower. It shows the safety, shelter, and protection of the married couple over seven years.  7th Anniversary Flower Jack-in-The-Pulpit

8th Anniversary Flower: Clematis

Clematis shows the eighth-anniversary flower. Clematis flower represents the creativity, mental beauty, and brainpower of a couple of special anniversaries.  8th Anniversary Flower Clematis

9th Anniversary Flower: Poppy

The poppy gives the concept of the ninth-anniversary flower. Poppy has become the sign of imagination and oblivion. Which is reflective of the sense of peace and contentment during the nine years of their married life.  9th Anniversary Flower Poppy

10 Anniversary Flower: Daffodil

The daffodil represents your tenth-anniversary flower. Daffodil giving you a new beginning, love, and rebirth after the ten years of your wedding.  10 Anniversary Flower Daffodil

11th Anniversary Flower: Morning Glory

Morning glory is considered the eleventh-anniversary flower. And it represents the attachment and affections of a couple after the previous 11 years of their wedding.  11th Anniversary Flower Morning Glory

12th Anniversary Flower: Peony

The peony is the twelfth-anniversary flower. During your marriage life, you have a good understanding and sense of appreciation for things in your life. And peony is an amazing thing one of them.

13th Anniversary Flower: Holly Hack

Holly hack is the thirteenth-anniversary flower. It describes the ambition, fruitness, sincerity, and honesty during the whole life of a couple. 

14th Anniversary Flower: Dahlia

Dahlia is the fourteenth-anniversary flower that gives beauty and dignity forever during a life of a couple. Dahlia is the 14th-anniversary flower of a couple.  14th Anniversary Flower Dahlia

15th Anniversary Flower: Rose

Rose is the fifteenth-anniversary flower. It represents the first sight of love, I love you, and also shows love, passion, and unconscious beauty in a couple’s life.  15th Anniversary Flower Rose

20th Anniversary Flower: Day Lily

Day lily represents the twentieth-anniversary flower. The day lily flower is a sign of showing love for a whole day.  20th Anniversary Flower Day Lily

25th Anniversary Flower: Iris 

Iris flower is one of the anniversary flowers and it also represents the 25 anniversary of a couple. Iris flower is showing the valued relationship, wisdom, I have a message for you, and commitment.  25th Anniversary Flower Iris 

28th Anniversary Flower: Orchid 

Orchid flower is your 28-anniversary flower. The orchid represents a beautiful woman, rare beauty and refinement.  28th Anniversary Flower Orchid 

30th Anniversary Flower: Sweet Pea

Sweet pea is the 30th-anniversary flower. And which represents elegant pleasure, thank you for a lovely time, and I think for you, etc… 30th Anniversary Flower Sweet Pea

40th Anniversary Flower: Nasturtium

Nasturtium flower represents the 40th anniversary. It is the sign of victory and impetuous love between a married couple.  40th Anniversary Flower Nasturtium

50th Anniversary Flower: Violet

Violet is can be your 50th-anniversary flower. Violets are showing shyness, faithfulness, and also give a concept that you are always there.  50th Anniversary Flower Violet

Final Words

It can be concluded that every flower has some famous and traditional specification of every anniversary for a couple. These flowers sending and receiving enhance love and encourage a couple in their life. Everyone can follow the above list and send a flower to his/her lover for a specific year.