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CakePHP ACL without ACL?

I was going through CakePHP’s source code to understand how acl can be implemented without ACL, and I came across the following function :
function recoverAcl($is_new)
if ($this->isNew()) {
$is_new = 1;

$acl =& $this->_currentUser->getAcl();
$tmp_acl =& $this->_currentUser->acl;

if ($is_new && $tmp_acl!= $this->defaultAcl()) {
return $acl;

return $tmp_acl;

In the above method, $this->isNew() evaluates to true if the record is being newly inserted, or false if the record is being updated/edited ( see save function in AppModel ). I am not able to understand how the $this->isNew() evaluates to true.
Can someone explain what actually this line of code is doing.


Well, $this->isNew() is not really related to isNew() method in AppModel, but is New() method in your controller.
Basically, what’s happening is that

AppModel has isNew() method, which checks whether the record is new in the current session. If it is new, that means your request is coming from a new user, hence this method returns true.
Your controller has New() method, which has it’s own logic for deciding whether to generate a new record or update the existing one. It can return both true/false.
Finally, your controller method has it’s own logic for deciding whether to add new record, or to update it if it already exists, and both of these actions require modification of the record, hence we are using isNew() method in your AppModel.

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