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The world’s first dinosaur-themed survival game is back! Embark on an epic story of adventure, exploration, and survival in this frantic, physics-based action adventure!
Explore a living dinosaur world for the first time!
Discover a rich and engaging story full of mystery and intrigue.
Unite a band of heroic survivors to tackle the challenges in their path.
Engage in fast-paced, skill-based combat with incredible weapons and an array of vehicles.
Discover and manage a unique and rich ecosystem, collect resources and craft useful items, find out what happened to your fellow survivors, and explore the untamed lush areas that unfold in front of you.
Team up with friends in the all-new cooperative mode and survive together against the deadly enemies that lurk in your path.
Solve twisted puzzles, overcome deadly traps and prepare for the legendary dinosaurs to be unleashed in this all-new adventure!
Key Game Features:
Unparalleled Intensity

Build your character and cast yourself against a new cast of deadly foes as they emerge from the ancient sand.
Explore a Living Dinosaurs World
Fly across lush mountain hills and vast plains inhabited by the indigenous inhabitants of this newly discovered world.
Navigate the shifting platforms, treacherous pitfalls, and fiendish traps left to guard the Eye in this ancient tomb.
Unite a Band of Heroes
Your actions will determine the fate of your surviving comrades. Follow your own path to survive but if you fail the fate of all will be lost.
Stunning Cinematic Experience
Expertly choreographed by the acclaimed Double Fine Producer Charles S. Montemayor, live action and stunning animation seamlessly combine to bring a new level of storytelling to the world of Left 4 Dead.
Unrivaled Physics-Based Action
Boom some stuff up with the gravity gun, and more importantly, blow shit up! The gravity gun is essentially the gravity gun from Portal, it’ll let you hurl objects at things in order to blow them up. It’s a really cool idea, and it makes for an adrenaline-pumping game. The physics engine at the base of the game means you can smash and destroy practically anything, and drop and roll your way around the world. You can even watch objects react realistically to being smashed and thrown around, so it’s very satisfying.
An Engaging Story
The story of this game is pretty epic. It’s told in the form of a series of cutscenes that play out as the game progresses


Secrets Of The Temple Features Key:

  • nearly 9 hours of gameplay
  • new enemies, new bosses, new weapons, new upgrades,
    new locations, and new costumes
  • marvelous, colorful, and detailed environments


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-Explore a massive, free-to-play, sandbox game with a deep lore and a variety of exotic gameplay options.
-Unravel the riddle of the Pharaoh’s Temple and escape!
-Befriend real-world Pharaohs and rulers and align with their powers to access new magical artifacts and undertake epic quests.
-Choose your weapons, gear, and class, and then test your skills in open world survival, PvP, racing, and more in up to four player co-op.
-Earn and spend currency in the Marketplace to customize your items, access new classes, and augment your character.
-The ultimate in sandbox gameplay, sandbox gamingQ:

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