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★ VueChat Express is a software that allow you to create a full featured and very powerful live video chat on your website.
★ VueChat Express is a open source software, however you can also purchase a license of a full commercial version.
★ VueChat Express is compatible with the most popular Web Browsers and allows to stream live video and audio on the Internet and to support the most important internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera).
★ VueChat Express is a software that has been designed for small/medium web sites/businesses.
★ VueChat Express has been designed to be very user friendly and easy to install/configure/deploy.
★ VueChat Express support all the major hosting platforms (Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc…)
★ VueChat Express is a fully customizable system that allows you to fully define the look and feel of your web site and the functionality of your contact page.
★ VueChat Express allows you to customize the appearance of your chat window as well as its functions such as the video player (which can show streaming video, embedded Flash video players, etc…)
★ VueChat Express supports WebRTC for peer to peer video conferencing
★ VueChat Express supports video recording and streaming, whether users are chatting or using a WebRTC client
★ VueChat Express is a full featured e-commerce solution that allows you to have an Online Store.
★ VueChat Express is a multi language system that allows you to use the most popular languages and helps you easily configure your site in any language
★ VueChat Express is a full featured and very powerful CMS solution that allows you to easily and quickly configure and deploy a fully featured Content Management System (CMS) on your web site.
★ VueChat Express is a powerful multi language CMS that allows you to have your site displayed in any language without having to modify your site or language files.
★ VueChat Express allows you to create special navigation menus as well as special pages such as the contacts and FAQ pages.
★ VueChat Express can be used in almost any language.
★ VueChat Express is an E-commerce solution that allows you to sell a wide range of products and services (books, electronic products, etc…) directly on your web site.
★ VueChat Express is an application that is very easy to install on any Linux platform.
★ VueChat Express is 384a16bd22

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The best way to protect your computer against threats.
Instantly scan for suspicious files and processes, and kill unwanted and malicious programs.
Never miss a threat. Automatically scan the PC every 30 minutes.
Understand and overcome any threat. See the activity of every program.
Restart and resume programs that were interrupted.
Multithread technology with instant results.
Much faster than a traditional antivirus scanner.
All-around protection. Scan mail and removable drives.
In addition to the primary malware protection, you get, on average:
• Protects your privacy
• Makes your PC usable again when malware hits
• Creates a virtual infection barrier to stop reinfection of PC and other devices
• Prevents confidential data leakage
What do you get?
• Protects your computer from malware, viruses, spyware, and other threats
• Instantly finds, removes, and quarantines malware and other threats
• Block access to or delete malware
• Help you manage your hard drive, PC and data
• Make your PC usable again if a threat hit
• Gives you much more
Download and scan for malware, viruses, and other threats
Automatically scans your computer with the built-in service and Scheduled Scan for fast results
Automatically scans all your drives and removable media for malware
Free reports to keep you informed about threats and changes
Detect and remove malware automatically
Add and remove programs, system services, drivers, and programs
Defend your PC against privacy leaks
Protect your privacy. Your personal information is not visible to anyone
Saves your browsing history and history of downloaded files
Saves information about your browsing, downloaded files and history of websites in the cloud
Protects against piracy of software and apps
Protects against piracy of digital music, movies, eBooks, games, and other media
Keeps your laptop safe
Keeps your information secure
Backup files, applications, and entire PC in just a few clicks
Add programs, applications, documents and files, drives, folders, and e-mails
Create ZIP, ZIPX, and 7z archives
Scan and remove any threat
Restore files, documents, and folders to the PC after a backup
Free trial available at
System Requirements
CPU: 1 GHz or faster
RAM: 1 GB or more
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or newer is recommended
Please note: