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o An RPG with a Multilayered Story
The Tarnished Hills is a world-spanning land full of fantasy and adventure. In the midst of this world, there is an enormous castle, the Elden Ring Torrent Download, which gathers the Kingdom’s forces and is guarded by Gremory, the last surviving lord of the Elden Ring.
o An RPG with an Epic Drama
In a fantasy world brimming with ancient history, the lands between the tower and villages on the Tarnished Hills have fallen into a maelstrom of dark and chaotic turmoil.
Amidst the chaos, an exceptional adventurer takes the role of a young man with the power to bring an end to the world.
o An RPG where You Can Create Your Own Character
As you rise up to become the next Elden Lord, you will customize your character and craft a unique character that suits your play style.
If you carefully manage your abilities, you can even chain enemy attacks to inflict more damage.
Customize your weapons and armor to match your appearance to create a distinctive character.
o An RPG where You Can Play with Others
In addition to the single player mode, you can even take on the challenge of your friends in a multiplayer mode and travel with them on the Tarnished Hills.
In a form of online play where multiple players are always connected, you can face powerful monsters and dungeons together or stand side-by-side to recover your equipment as you explore together.
• Choose Your Style of Play and Customize Your Appearance
Unlike typical RPGs where you can choose your character’s hair and skin color, you can customize the appearance of your character by choosing the hairstyle, attire, and weapon to match your appearance.
• Craft Your Own Character through Customization
In addition to customizing your appearance, you can choose the class, equipment, and skills of your character.
While you can create your own class in the game, you can combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character as you like, with four primary classes and subclasses.
• Customize the Magic Tricks and Skills
You can increase your attack and defense with the spells you cast through a variety of spells and magic attacks.
There are several magic attack and element skills that have different effects


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Region Locked: Become master of the Lands Between. This is because the tower is on a mythical island or one that is located on it, and as such, it is difficult to trespass as an outsider. Even if others may come from outside, they are unable to reach this tower or the castle, and so you are limited to a small world and a small number of players.
  • Map System: The game features a unique map system. The screen “winks.”
  • Mission System: Missions are a form of goal for the player. You can freely roam and fight enemies in order to acquire items from them in hopes of meeting your mission.
  • Boss Links: If the player can defeat the bosses connected to the necessary items, there is the chance of earning extra gold.
  • Magic: Real time combat involving spells, the use of the elements, and reversal of decisions.
  • Auto Dodge: For auto-aiming to automatically damage even for enemy attacks, solo play only.
  • Monster System: Attack point bonuses, replacement point bonuses, and the ability to gain bonus EXP.
  • Item System: Revive items that allow players to escape from the battlefield and return to a designated location. Item management is available for the player to check what items they have collected and the actions available for each item.
  • Main Plot System: The story is a form of goal. Unique plot elements that expand the forward movement of the game and will challenge you.
  • Multiplayer: The command to take part in the play of others in a multiplayer. Also, enjoy online play through a variety of other people and meet a variety of other people.
  • No Survival Setting: Things in the game are not limited to the survival setting. Real time attacks, real time melees, magic, endless fun, and more.

    Power Up, Improve Your Character – How to increase your Elpower

    It is easy to get into the flow of the game and enjoy easy battles. However, there are times when you may find it difficult.
    To make yourself feel comfortable, go through the following power-up points.

    • EXP: To enhance the number of EXP you can earn per quest. EXP is earned at various levels. You will be able to use an EXP pack within 24 hours of


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      Tactical Battle:

      World Map:

      Make choices in battle:

      Seasons of the year:

      Attack and defense:

      Equipment and skills:

      Spells and skills in battle:

      Arena matches:

      Battle on flying mounts:

      Daily quests:

      Daily and seasonal quests:

      Battle Scenarios:

      Adventure maps:

      The main quest:

      Hero Map:

      Heroes’ stages:

      Heroes’ daily quests:

      Heroes’ court:

      Invitation quests:


      The Bitter Seas:

      The Burning Sands:


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      ■Fun Online Play (theaters)

      ■Enter a Diverse Universe
      Explore the Sands of Life and Death amid a gritty fantasy where magic is expressed by the use of items in a new fantasy action RPG. Enjoy thrilling battles in the game’s online multiplayer. And collect colorful and strange fallen bird eggs to create a new type of element.
      ■Friendly Feelings for Humans
      Feel sympathy with the birds in your party and connect with them as you take on the role of a Tarnished. Sympathize with your foe and befriend an enemy. Perform schemes together in the online game or the theater.
      ■All About the Game’s Story
      In the Lands Between, Warring Brews in the Night Sky
      Negotiating during negotiation sessions with the 4 Lords of the Night will form the core driving force of your story. They will team up with, or catch each other plotting, a series of events that will advance your story.

      ■Features of the Browser and Theater Versions