The CV In input provides an input signal that is either High or Low, a change in this signal activates the CV Gate.
This input can be connected to another input or output, or to the CV gate output.
1: V In connects to a control voltage or other input.
CV gate connects to an input or output.
2: V In connects to another input. CV gate connects to the output.
The CV In input is monitored by the CV In Control. If the input signal changes, the CV In Control output changes, setting the output value of the CV Gate input to 1 or 0.
This input has a momentary pulse output. The length of this pulse is dependent on the amplitude of the input signal (CV In) relative to the input control voltage (CV In Control).
It is possible to set the retrigger value of this input to On or Off. When the input retrigger value is set to On, then a change in the input signal will cause the CV Gate to output a pulse. If the retrigger is set to Off, then a change in the input signal will not output a pulse.
The CV In Control uses a digital logic chip and has a direct connection from the CV In output to the output of the CV In Control.
There are two CV Gate inputs. Both inputs can be connected to an input or output.
CV Gate output 1:
Gate output is a momentary pulse. The pulse duration is dependent on the input signal amplitude and the CV In Control output level.
CV Gate output 0:
Gate output is a momentary pulse. The pulse duration is dependent on the input signal amplitude and the CV In Control output level.
Use and Operation:
1: Connect the CV In Control to the desired input.
2: Select “CV In” in the Inputs/Outputs area.
3: Connect the CV Gate to the CV In Control output.
4: Select the desired CV In Control output value.
5: Select the desired pulse length.
The Gate will output a momentary positive pulse at the selected pulse length if the CV In input changes. If the CV In Control output is set to Off, then a change in the input will not output a pulse.
The CV Gate can be configured to have the following settings:
On: Will output a pulse if the input changes.
Off: Will not 384a16bd22

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