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FastMath – Mathematical Calculator

FastMath is a simple, graphical calculator and timing program with a clean, professional appearance that doesn’t mess around with the main interface. It’s meant for teaching basic math skills, keeping track of how you do, and taking timed tests.
FastMath starts up without a great deal of fuss, simply asking you to specify the type of operation, the maximum number of calculations and the time remaining. You also have the choice to display a statistic summary or a graph that updates how much you are improving as you do math.
At the end of each test, you can get an idea of how fast you were doing math, how many mistakes you made, and the calculation rate. You can even go in and write your own mode and even use two operations simultaneously (if you’re feeling confident).
FastMath is fully portable, so you can take it with you and use it to practice math speed and your calculation rate whenever you feel like it. It’s available for Windows and Mac and even works on Linux.
IMPORTANT: This software doesn’t include any lesson material. If you’re looking for one, check out our Math lessons category.

FastMath Free

Free calculator for mathematics

A simple, visual, advanced calculator that will become your favorite math tool. Unlike other math tools you have used before, FastMath doesn’t rely on any menus to get to the point. Instead, it offers a clean and straightforward interface which allows you to work comfortably.

Although its primary purpose is math, FastMath has many functions. It features a simple, easy to use, practical, powerful and functional calculator with a large collection of functions.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
FastMath is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and 10.

How to use FastMath

A brief introduction to FastMath

FastMath is a simple, graphical calculator and timing program that puts its focus on functionality instead of design. It allows you to work in complete comfort, without having to navigate through a number of menus or options. FastMath works intuitively, getting you to the point where you can start practicing your math skills right away.

Select the operator you want to use
To get started, simply click on the operator you want to use and then drag it to the equation window.

If you’re using Windows 8 or 10, you can also press Ctrl + Space to 384a16bd22

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This option is used to set a key to specify the rights and permissions for this module.

read is a permission that can be used to read the data of the file.
write is a permission that can be used to change the data in the file.

exists is a permission that can be used to delete the file.

type defines the type of file and is used to restrict the accessibility of the file.

class defines the class of the file and is used to define a certain file type.

reserved for future use.

Advanced Options


URL is used to specify the location of the file on the server.


Browse is used to specify the browse button or to specify the folder that contains the file.


Name is used to specify the name of the file.

Preferred Name:

Preferred name is used to specify a preferred name for the file.

It is used to specify an alias for the file name.


Value is used to specify the value of the tag in the file.

If there is no tag or if the tag is empty, then the file is displayed in the archive.

If you select the option “Preview as web”, the module will provide you with the preview of the image.

The server settings and some server settings such as the encryption key and the security certificate can be adjusted in the web interface.

Supported file types

The RadSlice server accepts and compresses a wide variety of digital medical images.
The supported image types are:




If you need to upload another format, please contact us.


The program is written in Visual Basic for Applications.
The installation package includes a vbscript (Simple vbscript for automation) that can be used to create and configure the server.
You can use this script as a utility that can be scheduled to run for the purpose of sending the files to the RadSlice server.

If you want to use the system without a login, you can use the quick start script in this file:

User account

You must create an account for the RadSlice server. This is a web-based application and the login can be performed only from Internet browsers.
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