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KeyMacro is a digital signature software for creating windows based applications, and then to sign the application using digitally signing certificates.
The signer adds a new generation of digital signature to the end of the generated application which allows you to send applications to third parties, being easily verifiable by the end-user.
KeyMacro also allows you to access the most accurate information on your applications.

VBAPBS Description:
BASICS is a utility for the creation of any BASIC programs, without the need for programming knowledge.

ChromCopy Description:
ChromCopy is a software that will take data from one spreadsheet and paste it into another spreadsheet.

CodeSample Description:
CodeSample is a tool for creating small, handy and efficient code snippets.
It allows you to easily create small and handy code snippets which can be used at a later time for a simple programming task.
CodeSample allows you to insert a short code snippet, as a string value or as a code block,
and to include additional code elements, for example, variables and constants.
Moreover, you can select the scope of the code snippet, such as the entire file or a specific block.
The code snippet can contain variables, constants, keywords, variables, and constants.
You can specify the scope of the code snippet, for example, the entire file or a specific block.

DHTML CCSD Description:
DHTML CCSD is a web database utility that helps you organize data in a database, and then generate a web page to view the information.

EPLoader Description:
EPLoader is a free software for creating powerful and dynamic web pages using XML, and then, include, process, translate and load the web pages in a matter of seconds.

HTML2XML Description:
HTML2XML converts HTML pages and tables into plain-text XML files that you can use with any XML processing tool, for example, XSLT.

Icomoon Description:
Icomoon is a web service for generating Icons, and then, generate a menu from these Icons.

KolabTime Description:
KolabTime is a utility for generating and processing Kolab calendar files, for example, KolabCalendar.kol.

NESTED Description:
NESTED is a free tool for creating nested forms for web forms.

Notepad++ Description 384a16bd22

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It’s not just a key logger…
One of the best open source clipboard managers for Windows is now available for Linux users.KEYMACRO is a keylogger that records your actions. It can capture mouse, keyboard, and clipboard activity. The captured keystrokes are stored as plain text files that you can view, edit, and copy to the system clipboard.KEYMACRO can be configured to capture various actions, or all keyboard/mouse activity.
MACHINE Viewer Description:
A new member of the MACHINE family
MACHINE Viewer is a graphical frontend to the MACHINE tool. It allows you to easily:
* Browse and play MACHINE files
* Define and run MACHINE batch files
* Define and run MACHINE scripts
* View MACHINE source code
* View MACHINE documentation
* Change MACHINE settings
* Debug MACHINE files
* Build MACHINE releases
* Manage MACHINE/Z80 ROMs
* Start MACHINE support
MACHINE Viewer was originally written by Dan Cornilescu and Manuel Serrano. It has since been moved to GitHub.
Read the MACHINE documentation for information on how to get it, how to build it, and how to customize it.

MAME Player: a Free, cross-platform, community-driven arcade emulator

Get MAME Player on GooglePlay

The MAMEPlayer is able to use several (MAME) arcade boards in emulation.
Sorted by category or alphabetically by “name”.
The application supports SD and HD (MAME 0.82) visualizations across all boards.
This app is mostly an HD (MAME 0.82) version of the original MAME Player app.
Although the app supports several boards, it is tuned for the MAME 0.82 visualizations.
Two MAME boards are not supported, as it is not economically viable to include them in this release.
It is an open-source project, more information on the site, above, or below.
More information on MAME can be found at the site above, which also provides the games