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Calendar Sync + is a reliable, easy to use program that allows you to quickly create/erase entries from the Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars. The application can quickly synchronize the two organizers within seconds, allowing you to stay up to date with events and appointments, no matter where you are.
Calendar entries synchronization
Calendar Sync + allows you to keep your various organizers up to date and quickly transfer information from one account to another. The process takes a few seconds and allows you to synchronize the selected Outlook mailbox with the Google account. This way, the new entries in the email client are transferred to the online service and vice versa.
Similarly, if an event was erased from one account, the sync process cleans up the corresponding calendar as well. The program allows you to choose which Microsoft Outlook account you wish to use, then select the mailbox from the drop down menu. The program can detect the current configuration, which means that Outlook is required for a successful sync.
Keep various account up to date
Calendar Sync + features a modern looking Windows 8 look-alike interface, which notifies you on the most recent sync processes and the results. The application can perform the task on demand or according to schedule: every hour, every day or every month.
For higher performance reasons, only fragments of both calendars are synchronized. The duration can be manually set and includes the current day, plus a few others in the past and in the future. Zero is a supported value for this option.Why do the wealthy make poor decisions?


Disclosure statement

John Quiggin receives research funding from the European Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Australian Research Council (ARC), the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

When we ask why the wealthy do things like invest in asset bubbles, we often hear that it’s because they are more intelligent. I recently had the opportunity to ask experts about this claim.

When we ask why the wealthy do things like invest in asset bubbles, we often hear that it’s because they are more intelligent. I recently had the opportunity to ask experts about this claim.

The intelligence hypothesis

Professor Michael Redstone, senior lecturer at the University of Adelaide, and co-author of The Mathematics of Inequality, used to be a leading economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. He writes that the intelligence hypothesis is 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO can be called a Multi Macros Editor with GUI. It’s really useful for Mac OS X users. With KEYMACRO, users can do various useful things such as Macro recording/playback, Key recording/playback, Key-based application recording/playback, and so on. And it works with multiple system languages, such as English, French, and so on.
Key features:
◆ Keyboard-based. You can easily record and playback the functions of keyboard, and you can preview them on the program window.
◆ Multi-system. It can work on Mac OS X and iOS devices.
◆ Store and Play. KeyMACRO can store and save all the functions recorded by you, and then it can also play and playback them at any time.
◆ Hint. If there are any tips, the Hint window will appear as a pop-up.
◆ Text. You can directly edit the text in the Hint window.
◆ Fonts. It is also the tool to check out all fonts installed on your system.
◆ Preview. If there are any programs that you don’t know the name of, then you can search for it in this window.
◆ Quick record/quick playback. If there is some special function that you want to do as soon as possible, you can simply quick record it with KEYMACRO.
◆ Preview. If you want to quickly preview the functions you recorded, you can directly do this with this feature.
◆ Window. If you want to show the recorded functions in different program windows, you can do this with this function.
◆ Help. If you want to look up some tips or guidelines, you can just open this window.
How to use:
This application is a multi-system application that can work on Mac OS X and iOS devices. Mac OS X users can download this application on their Mac OS X devices via the Internet or through the Mac App Store. iOS users can download it on their iOS devices through the App Store.
There are two key functions: recording and playing. The recording function can record the Mac OS X function that you do with keyboard. The playback function can replay the recorded Mac OS X functions. The recorded functions can also be saved.
The application comes with 8 languages: English, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.
System Requirements:
◆ Mac OS X 10.