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– An expanding online RPG world
– Enjoy an overwhelming world with a variety of situations
– Thrilling, suspenseful combat against multiple enemies
– A rich story of mystery and fantasy
– Variety of equipment and customization
– & more!

Elden Labs is a Korean developer best known for their online RPG, Firefall. They are a small team, having a fast paced development workflow and focused on in-game content.
We hope you enjoy our game,
The Elden Lab Development Team.

Please note, you must be at least 18 years of age to play this game.


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![Alt text](./ul_screen_small.jpg “Alternative Screenshot of UI”)
![Alt text](./ul_screenshot_small.jpg “Alternative Screenshot of UI”)
![Alt text](./bot_screen_small.jpg “Alternative Screenshot of UI”)
![Alt text](./bot_screenshot_small.jpg “Alternative Screenshot of UI”)

## SL #1634215

## VERSION 2.0


## 0.7.1
## Fixed issue that made the icon background transparent.

## 0.6.4
## Fixed game stats bug in multi player

## 0.6.3
## Fixed some UI display issues

## 0.6.2
## fixed errors with floating input boxes

## 0.6.1
## Fixed MULTI PLAYER issues

## 0.6
## Fixed normal local playing

## 0.5.2
## Fixed reference bugs

## 0.5.1
## Fixed the product manager mode (POM mode)

## 0.5
## Change the logo to a new one


Features Key:

  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
  • A Multilayered Story Led by Light and Darkness
  • Unprecedented Production Values
  • Questions concerning the game? Want to tell others about your experiences?

    Please, visit our news page,
    or here.

    You can also leave your comments or questions directly to the author on Twitter, and send us anonymous feedback using Facebook.



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    Kusumoto Kusumoto2016-09-28 09:11:322017-07-24 04:43:34Introducing the Endless Adventure of Gameplay in the New Fantasy Action RPG from Yoruichi Game Studio

    Kusumoto Kusumoto2016-09-12 09:11:182017-05-05 08:49:54Introducing Tarnished, the New Featured Hero of the Brave New World in Yoruichi Game Studio’s New Fantasy Action RPG – Selection of Selections

    This is our first blog in a series of four blogs that will get you up to speed with the basics of our new Fantasy Action RPG – Selection of Selections (S.O.S). In this first blog, we focus on the basics of character creation. We also list out what you can expect from the game in terms of the three different play styles that a character can be put into.

    Basics of Character Creation

    Characters are created through the creation of a Male, Female and Baby. Depending on the play style a character will be put into, the stats of each of these items will be given a boost. As noted below, the stats of the items are determined by three different factors:


    The gender

    The body type (fat, average, lean)

    The play style (Shark/Otter, Fox/Vixen, Dragon/Amazon)

    These three play styles are based on the three known classes of creatures in the world of Selection of Selections:

    Shark: APHRODITE


    Elden Ring PC/Windows [Latest]

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