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JRTPLIB exports the following macros:
For easy creation of RTP and RTCP packets.
Enables RTP and RTCP capabilities in jrtpcap.
Disable RTP and RTCP capabilities in jrtpcap.
Configures how the RTP/RTCP packet are created.
Set the value of a RTP/RTCP parameter in the packet.
Get the value of a RTP/RTCP parameter in the packet.
Get a RTP/RTCP structure from a packet.
Performs control functions on RTP/RTCP packets.
The following functions are exported:
Get a buffer for receiving and sending data.
Flushes data that is in the buffers.
Receives data in the buffer.
Sends data to the other end of the buffer.

Good day!

I just wanted to thank you so much for making my project a reality! I am new to coding and had very little idea on how to create a fully functional application (or even try). So what helped me most was the documentation that you provided and the examples that you provided. You made creating the RTPStreaming application a piece of cake!

I also wanted to ask what would be the best way to use JRTPCAP to stream RTP/RTCP packet. I am working on a project that consists of a satelite device that sends packets to a base station. I need to be able to let this device send packets to the base station without waiting for a specific time and have the RTCP packets’ stream be real time too! I am already working on the satelite and base station and have a working application but, again, I was very lost on how to set JRTPCAP up for streaming. I saw that it could be used to send and receive RTP packets. So my question is: Is it possible to have a RTP 384a16bd22 3
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Mouse-based rotating and zooming
Modify brightness, contrast, sharpness, noise, and many more.
Determine the 3D depth effect.
Imports both still images and panoramas
Converts from still images to 3D panoramas and vice versa
Converts from 3D panoramas to still images
=11, max_value=22, meaning that the stock chart will rotate
and zoom in on 11 different segments of the plot area, to show
them all at once.

==Plot Style==

The legend text can be rotated, as well as the text that is
positioned next to it (the title). The horizontal position of
all of these can be modified to suit your personal taste.

The text is initially rotated towards the ‘clockwise’ direction.
This means that the legend will have a triangle shape when it is
first drawn.

To change the direction, set the ‘triangleangle’ attribute to
either ‘clockwise’ or ‘counterclockwise’.

==Plot Attributes==

Color is represented by an RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha)
attributes (or HSB if you prefer). It is possible to change the
value of these colors using the’set_color’ function. The default
colors are (0,0,0,0) for black, (1,1,1,1) for white, and
(.5,.5,.5,1) for the colors found in a typical chart plot.

Line width is represented by’stroke_width’. If the number of
pixels in this attribute is changed, the graph will be rescaled
to maintain the correct ratio of the image, i.e. the maximum
(dashed) line will be twice the size of the minimum (solid) line.

Font is represented by the ‘font’ attribute.


Fisheye Graphing –


This software is released under the MIT license.

See LICENSE.txt for more information.

Delphi 2007: Can this function make sense?

Consider this function:
function qsort(A, low, high): integer;
x, a, l, h: integer;