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PHP mysql_query or mysqli_query – why is the only answer the one that uses the deprecated mysql_query?

PHP MySQL update query produces syntax errors in MySQL db on PHP 5.6.3.
It works with MySQL 5.5.60.
I am searching and trying to figure out why mysql_query with input using

instead of mysql_real_escape_string(htmlspecialchars($_POST[“input”])) will fail on PHP 5.6.3. Is it because of MySQL 5.6.3 not supporting this, or is it a bug?


A lot of people are calling the wrong method using the wrong params in the function name.
Remember you can use the mysqli functions or the mysql functions without the _query extension.
mysqli_query() or mysqli_stmt_execute()
mysql_query() or mysql_stmt_execute()

It’s also important to remember to prepend _query onto the function name to indicate which type of function it is.
For example:
mysql_query() will be called mysqli_query() under PHP 5.5.
This is different from other sql extension methods where the _query suffix indicates to PHP that it is a mysql based function.
This may make it a little bit confusing on what you should be calling if you’re new to the _query extension or mysql based function.
Here is a good link on how to properly call the right function based on the $mysqli object:
How to call correct mysqli_* function?

Is it because of MySQL 5.6.3 not supporting this, or is it a bug?

It’s not a bug, it’s a security update.
You may want to double check that your code is actually referencing the correct mysql_ or mysqli_ functions.
Like I said, making assumptions is dangerous.


Would site switching break my site?

My sister wants to know

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It has been four years since the first discovery of a planet orbiting an M dwarf star (stars like the sun but at the bottom of the main-sequence, cooler, and smaller). Even though these planets are not thought to be capable of harbouring life because they are too close to their host stars, we do know a lot about them.

A lot of people are working on M dwarf planets. These are all small, cool and dim. The reason for their interest is that M dwarfs are the most common stars in the Milky Way, estimated to outnumber the sun in the core of the galaxy. They are so common that stars with a mass as low as that of our sun, were on average seen around 10.5 billion years ago, or about 12.8 billion light years away. This means that the M dwarfs we see now in the nearby universe, the closest objects to our sun, represent the nearest we’ve found to the “Solar System”. By studying these M dwarfs, we get an idea of how the nearest star systems might have looked when they were young.

In another study by the same group, the scientists have also found a star with a close-in planet. This is the first time such an object has been confirmed orbiting such a star, and of the nearly 10,000 star systems in the group’s study, there are only about 30 where such planets have been identified.

The planet is about 30% bigger than Jupiter, and is orbiting its star every 14.7 days. But it is larger than Jupiter because it’s so close to its star; in fact, we might call this a “hot Jupiter”, for the reason that its planet completes one orbit every 14.7 days, and is closer to its star than Jupiter is to the sun. But although it is

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