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* Creation of a Java editor for control panels.
* GUI editor with customizable widgets.
* Trough active directory.
* Quick solution of controls groups
* Data cleanup tool.
* Export XML and properties file (DOOCS, TINE)
* Data access to DOOCS, TINE and TANGO
* File location for batch processes.
* Database with the possibility to create and insert a custom items.
* Import of control sheets (TANGO).
* Edit of files of serial communication with local files.
* Drag and Drop between Java beans.
* Export Java beans.
* Data upload with package.
* SQL Server connection.
* Oracle connection.
* DB2 connection.
* LDAP connection.
* TLD connection.
* SQLite connection.
* HSQLDB connection.
* PostgreSQL connection.
* MySQL connection.
* Firebird connection.
* SQL Server Compact connection.
* Firebird Compact connection.
* MySql Compact connection.
* ADO.NET connection.
* DAL connection.
* TINE connection.
* TANGO connection.
* TING connection.
* SNMP connection.
* Web services connection.
* EXCEL connection.
* XML connection.
* MySQL.
* SQLSRV connection.
* Embedded SQL connection.
* SQLite.
* Oracle.
* DB2.
* TLD.
* SQL.
* IBM.
* MS SQL Server.
* Oracle.
* Embedded SQL.
* Data access for ADO.NET.
* SQLite.
* MS SQL Server.
* VB6 connection.
* BizTalk connection.
* VB.NET connection.
* ASHX/JSON connection.
*.NET connection.
* PHP connection.
* PHPMyAdmin.
* File upload.
* Processing of data.
* Saving data.
* Translating data.
* Importing data.
* Database connection.
* Export to CSV.
* Export to CSV.
* Export to Excel.
* Export to XML.
* Export to XML.
* Export to XML.
* Export 384a16bd22

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If you are looking for a very simple and effective video extractor that works with various video formats, and without huge requirements for time and power consumption, then this application is just for you.

What is new in this release?

Initial release

What is new in version 3.5.1?

– Update to FFmpeg 2.2.5.
– Release of add-on for Ela Media Converter (sorry for forgetting to mention it in the first release)

What is new in version 3.5?

– Release of add-on for Ela Media Converter (sorry for forgetting to mention it in the first release)
– Improvement of settings presentation for “Skipping” tag
– More efficient “Split” processing (based on the fixed chunk size)
– New “2-pass” encoding functionality for “Using as input” and “Make as output”
– The option to choose “Name” and “Language” as a result of “Skipping” tag processing
– Ability to connect to “Skipping” tag from the “Output” window
– New tools for advanced “Skipping” tag creation/adjusting (like spacing, length, etc.)
– Ability to choose different transition time/value for video/subtitle (including “)
– The option to choose between standard and fast “Skipping” tag processing
– Ability to modify video/subtitle codecs (like encoder name, bitrate, etc.)
– Option to insert the video/subtitle “index”, when the video’s timestamp is equal to the subtitle’s timestamp
– Ability to choose the output folder for extraction
– New settings category in the “Output Settings” window
– Improvement of the “Encoding” window
– More fluent handling of process termination, so that the user has a choice between running the application or closing it
– The option to disable “Skipping” tag merging in the “Make as output” window
– Ability to download subtitles from Youtube
– The option to process only complete video segments
– Ability to select the desired language as a result of the “Make as output” command
– The option to select the desired subtitle language as a result of the “Make as output” command
– New tool to extract subtitles files
– New option to process each file individually (in addition to running the entire