AOL Pagetest Crack Serial Key (Updated 2022)

AOL Pagetest is an easy to use tool designed for measuring and analyzing web page performance right from your web browser.
AOL developed Pagetest internally in order  to automate load time measurement of its many websites, and the application evolved into a powerful tool for web developers and software engineers in testing their web pages and getting instant feedback.







AOL Pagetest Crack + PC/Windows [2022]

– Pagetest can measure the speed of dozens of web pages at once.
– Pagetest is compatible with both Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
– Pagetest has built-in support for HTTP Compression.
– Pagetest has built-in support for Firebug plugin for Firefox.

**Note:** Pagetest was formerly known as ‘Pagetest HTTP Compression’ and the name and logo have been changed to avoid confusion.


– **a web browser which supports internet standards**

– **Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8(both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)**

– **OS X 10.6.8 – 10.9**

Bugs and Issues

– Google Chrome version 57 and newer : Pagetest correctly show your page’s speed – but it’s not implemented on Chrome  56 and earlier.

– Google Chrome version 59 and newer : Pagetest correctly shows the speed of your page – but it’s not implemented on Chrome  58 and earlier.

– Please contact AOL support if you find a bug or feature request, or if you want to suggest improvements that could make Pagetest better.

– If you find a security hole or vulnerable software, please contact AOL’s security team.


– Jan 2014 : Remarkable improvement in progress made, Pagetest is now a 100% stable, fully functional, fast-loading browser-based HTML performance testing tool.

– July 2014 : Pagetest passes the Acid4 test.

New feature release

Feb 2014 : Pagetest now supports SSL  configuration.

– You can now request a secured page by giving it a path with an  * prefix.
– You can add ssl configuration from ‘Edit Site’ page.

Bug fixes

Feb 2014 : Pagetest now follows javascript execution sequence. For example, it no longer renders javascript that is already rendered by browser (such as function that existed in page itself), thus improves page performance.

Future releases

Mentions for future releases are on the way.

– There is a section in ‘Settings and Preferences’ which allows users to vote for features to be included.

– Please let me know what you’d

AOL Pagetest Crack + Free For PC

“AOL Pagetest Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a comprehensive software suite that can be used to perform load time testing, performance analysis, and page functionality testing from a web browser. AOL Pagetest is a downloadable client app that connects to our testing machines in the cloud, and can be used to measure a web page’s load time, check for errors (such as 404s and 500s), check for usability issues (like screen size and problems with images), and more.”
What is cool about this application is that it gives you instant and instant feedback on your web pages performance.
AOL Pagetest Features:
It is 100% browser-based, and you can use it on any modern internet enabled browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari.
You can easily create and run tests from a web browser with its drag-and-drop interface and instant results
Areas can be segmented into tabs for test management
Do not use a computer or a phone to perform the test! Because a computer or a phone has limited screen resolution which may lead to inaccuracies
AOL Pagetest Tests:
After installing the AOL Pagetest on your PC, you can install and run several types of tests that includes following tests:
Basic Load Tests:
Load Test – Will generate multiple loading requests for a given URL and generate the results
Unicode Load Tests:
Load Test – Will generate multiple loading requests for a given URL and generate the results for various web pages and filenames such as UnicodeLF1.html, UnicodeLF2.html, etc.
Regular Expression Load Tests:
Load Test – Will generate multiple loading requests for a given URL and generate the results for various regular expressions.
XHTML Validation:
Load Test – Will test a web page to check if it is valid XHTML and compliance with the W3C XML markup guidelines.
Valid CSS:
Load Test – Will test a web page to check if it is valid CSS and compliance with the W3C CSS guidelines.
CSS Optimization:
Load Test – Will optimize CSS for a given web page so that the CSS declarations are minimized to the best possible.
Reduce HTTP Requests:
Load Test – Will try to minimize requests made to the web server by generating multiple requests for a single page
Full-Page Images:
Load Test – Loads a web page and generates a report of all the full-page images
Usability Tests:
Usability Test

AOL Pagetest Crack+

AOL pagetest is a pure Javascript based testing tool that aims to automate the web page load time measurement. It has two components; a client side application that sits in the browser, and a server side application that communicates with the client using AJAX request.
The tool is aimed at developers and users looking for fast feedback on their websites by sending AJAX requests to the server and evaluating the performance of the returned pages.

AOL Pagetest for Developers and Webmasters

The tool has a simple approach and provides web developers a tool to test their web pages from the browser rather than a selenium browser. It is user-friendly and simply requires a web browser, an HTML page and a couple of simple lines of Javascript.

AOL Pagetest architecture

AOL Pagetest consists of 3 components:

The client browser that communicates with AOL pagetest server.
The AOL pagetest server that receives AJAX requests and returns the evaluated page.
The AOL pagetest application that does the actual load time analysis. The AOL pagetest application is written in Javascript and communicates with the server using ajax requests.

Screenshots of AOL Pagetest


AOL Pagetest Client

In order for an AOL pagetest client to perform load time measurement, it must establish a web browser connection to a server running the AOL pagetest application.
This can be done in different ways:

Use a web browser that comes with AOL pagetest installed (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
Use a web browser that comes with AOL pagetest installed (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
Use a web browser that comes with AOL pagetest installed (chrome, Firefox, Safari).
Note: Internet Explorer 8 and above.
Install AOL pagetest client in a web browser that does not come with it installed. For example, Google Chrome.

AOL pagetest uses ajax requests to communicate with its server. They are sent through a javascript library called JQuery. JQuery is mostly used to develop AJAX requests.

AOL pagetest server

The server component is responsible for communication with the client. This can be done from different ways, namely:

By downloading the server component application package (instructions given on the AOL pagetest development page).
By requesting the AOL pagetest application from the server component

What’s New in the?

The AOL Pagetest application takes a URL or a website and simulates the web traffic coming from all users. The application monitors the loading time, size of the page, and other performance parameters of that URL. It can be used to perform automated web page tests. The AOL Pagetest tool also offers page analysis based on the number of network requests, total response size, and other performance metrics.
AOL Pagetest supports HTTP and HTTPS URLs, and many other protocols, including FTP. It also can measure web pages on many different browsers. AOL Pagetest is an Apache vhost based application, which you can use on any web server, with the unique addition of the pagetest virtual host entry.
Use AOL Pagetest to:
• Measure loading time of web pages
• Analyze web pages for performance and for page size
• Benchmark web pages for performance

If you are interested in measuring the performance of your web pages you might be interested in AO3 NTL9 scanner plugin.
It can evaluate performance of a url and return the results in NTL9 format.


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System Requirements For AOL Pagetest:

DOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
RAM: 512MB
DirectX version 11
512MB of RAM
Hard Drive: 200 MB for the install
4GB or more available space (Free space after install)
Note: the USB/SD space must be formatted with FAT32, not NTFS.
SSE 2.0