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Adobe Acrobat: This is not a program for anyone to use. Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of a handful of adobe tools you might use to print documents. Most people just use Adobe Acrobat Reader (free), which is on most computers.

Software Cheat Sheet


• Adobe Illustrator: This is a vector-based program for creating artwork. It has a huge range of potential uses, including branding, logos, posters, and web design. Adobe Ideas (which is part of Adobe Illustrator) is targeted at designers who create artwork from scratch and don’t need to manage a large project.

• Adobe InDesign: This program is targeted at designers who work with a printed product in addition to marketing pieces. Using InDesign, a designer creates a layout or design that is then formatted into a document. For print files, you create a layout, and then the program is used to create a raster image (which is what is sent to a printer for ink on paper). You can also create PDFs directly from InDesign.

• Adobe Photoshop: This program can be used for most types of print or digital imaging projects. PhotoShop is aimed at photographers, and is really a suite of tools for creating and editing raster images. Photoshop also includes features that are great for social media.

• Adobe After Effects: This is a special type of program that is used to edit and create video. With After Effects, you can create animations, special effects, and video.

• Adobe Flash: This is a special type of program that is used for special effects in websites and interactive web sites. It’s also used for animation and video. You can use Flash for creating video, music video, or TV-style productions.

• Adobe Muse: This is a web-based program that allows you to create web designs for small, simple to medium projects. You don’t need to use Photoshop to do your web work and you can preview your work on mobile devices.


• Adobe Edge Animate: This web animation program is geared at creating simple animations for Facebook and other social media. It is a simple tool that is easy to use.

• Adobe Reader: This is a program that you use to view documents on the internet and in a PDF file. You can read files from your email, your camera, or save a PDF to a thumb drive. The program is free.

• Adobe Lightroom: This is a

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Photoshop is an amazing tool but it can be really complicated to understand how all the different settings affect your photos. Some settings are easy to understand but some are easy to misunderstand.

This Photoshop tutorial explains key concepts in Photoshop, and it will explain in plain English what the different tools and options mean. You can start to understand the differences between options for the first time.

Photoshop is a powerful tool, but it requires understanding so this tutorial will also explain what basic terms and words mean. Some of the terms are easy to understand, and others can get confusing.

There are a lot of settings in Photoshop. You can get lost in all the options, and many of them are not essential to editing a photo. In Photoshop, there are complicated words, and simple settings.

You will be able to easily recognize the critical settings and how you can use them.

The settings that apply to this tutorial are:

It is easy to confuse the basic concepts that apply to other types of photo editing like web design. You can learn what the different terms mean, and the functions of Photoshop’s different tools more easily in this post.

1. An Overview of Photoshop Elements

Before you learn how to use Photoshop Elements, you should understand what it is.

This is a photo editing software for professional photographers, hobbyists and amateur photographers. It is used to make images look better, or to alter them for other applications.

Photoshop Elements is free to download, and it comes with a very basic set of tools. It is very easy to use Photoshop Elements, but there are a lot of options.

Photoshop Elements can be used for editing individual photos, or for sharing your finished photos on the web.

When you download Photoshop Elements, you will also get the Digital Photography Essentials software. This is a tutorial for using that software, but it does not include any topics on how to use Photoshop Elements.

2. Opening an Image in Photoshop Elements

The first step to editing in Photoshop Elements is opening an image. Open this tutorial with any image, but the steps will be the same for all images.

You will need to open the image in Photoshop. Select the image in the file browser and then hit the CMD + O button.

To enter the image from the application, click the New button in the main menu. This opens a new image for you to edit.

In addition to opening

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Android Maps app shows “No Location” when sign in – simonebrunozzi

Or, the solution is simple: update Google Play Services to the one that is in

What’s New in the?


iPhone implementation of UISegmentedControl

I implemented a custom UISegmentedControl using 2 image (1 for each side). I manage the images switching using 1 of 2 methods.

I set the background image to the background and then I set the image that is shown on a particular touch event.
I make the following changes to the background image:

MySeg.backgroundColor=[UIColor colorWithPatternImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”selection.png”]];

I change the image using a property.

MySeg.image=0 (1) or MySeg.image=1 (0).

My problem:
If I use a backgroud image and a property to switch the image (method 1) then the segmented control appears white during the first touch event (appear white).
If I use a specific image and a touch event to switch the image (method 2) then the segmented control appears and stops working correctly.
My question:
How can I solve the second problem, or is it a known bug?
What I have done:

Cleaned the project
Deleted the build folder
Removed all old references to Cocoa Touch
Rebuilt the project

Any Help is appreciated,


I had the same issue. Setting background pattern image caused segmented buttons to appear solid white until you touched them for the first time. The problem goes away if I replace the image in code with a UIImageView. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but I’ve made it happen on several occasions.


Stop Drawing If Screen Bitmap Is Added

I was wondering, in some of my code, if I have a Bitmap on my screen and a bitmap that is supposed to be drawn on top of it, would it be possible to stop the drawing thread from drawing the top bitmap, so it only shows the bottom?


in the Bitmap class you can set the PixelFormat to the right format (e.g. PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb) to disable the ARGB8 bit that makes it easier to do it.

Bolt (disambiguation)

A bolt is a fastener that creates a mechanical connection between two parts, such as a nut and a bolt.


System Requirements:

– Windows 7/8/10
– 512MB of RAM
– 2GB of free hard drive space
– DirectX 11 Graphics Card
– 24 GB of free disk space
– 1280×720 Screen Resolution
– 64-bit CPU
– Internet connection
– 100 mbps download speed
– English Language
– The game is still under development, so we can not guarantee that everything will work fine, but our goal is to make a game that you will love and enjoy for